strata paper

Strata Stencil is a technique developed by artist Javan Ivey. This special technique of Stop Motion animation involves many layers of stencil, stacked together to create a paper tunnel-like effect.

I came up with an own interpretation of the original Strata Stencil, called 'Strata Paper'.

After cutting out 60+ sheets of paper building a custom rig, I shot the animation using the Vine app itself and released it on my channel.

It was something that Vine has never seen before and thus it became a viral sensation, especially after being featured on Vine's Editor's Pick page! This means that more than 4 Million people saw my Vine in their feeds!

This piece was my breakthrough of my career as a filmmaker / animator. To this day, I am tremendously grateful for all the support I got, making it possible for me to do what I love most as a living!