Image by Ben Gancsos

Image by Ben Gancsos


Deutsche Telekom, Penske, Chevrolet, Chrysler Motors, Spike TV, TUI, Bank of America, Total Energy, Rolls Royce, Chipotle, Twitter Ads, Marks and Spencer, Corona, NBCSports, AT&T, 3Doodler, BuzzFeed, Redken, Neutrogena, Diageo

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Dylan Blau

DIRECTOR & animator

Dylan Blau is a freelance filmmaker and animator, who creates high quality Stop Motion design using basic materials like clay, paper, wood or plastic. Thanks to his motion graphics skills, Dylan can also merge different types of animation, leaving a unique result for each video. Whether you’re looking for Stop Motion, Motion Graphics or Hyperlapse Photograghy, he’ll find the perfect style to promote your product or service, leaving you with the audience you deserve!